Yes, the expanded polystyrene, in its own way, preserves nature

It is made of 98% of air

It does not include CFC, neither while being manufactured nor when it is transformed

Because of its composition, it is biologically neutral and consequently does pollute neither the nature, nor the ground water, and does not present any danger for the health of man and Animals.

Incinerated in the treating unit, it makes the combustion of other waste easier thanks to its high calorific power (1kg of EPS product has as much energy as 1.3 1 of fuel) without emitting harmful smokes.

Furthermore, the EPS is a recyclable product and could be reused in different shapes and for various uses.

Being an excellent insulator, the EPS saves energy and consequently contributes to the preservation of nature.

The ecological assessments realized up to now are largely in favor of EPS.